Our Adventurous Puppies are Six Weeks Old!

Six weeks is such an important age. So much is happening- motor coordination improves dramatically each day, vision and hearing improving and are important for exploration. Puppies at this age focus on novel objects, environments, and experiences, so providing novelty daily is our goal. These little guys are old hats at car riding now. Yesterday, after their first bath, they revisited a nursing home to the delight of staff and residents. There were several small children and a baby to see too. Another treat was a live concert there where they were invited to come up front with the musicians. The puppies at first were startled at the sounds the instruments made, but gradually became curious, watching, and then relaxed. Exactly what we want to see.

Crossing a stream was another stressor that they eventually mastered, some with hesitation, looking for another way, and others just jumped in. Puppies see our back patio as their safe place and prefer to be in the yard during the day. They will bark and whine to go outside and when when they get tired, seek the dog beds on the patio for a nap. One-on-one time in the kitchen and living room is novel stressor as they are used to the security of the pack. Puppies are seeking to play with other adult house dogs and Mama Kida is now allowing it. Puppies are taking hikes,( 'following' and 'recalls' are improving), and can explore and play freely in the larger yard. Puppies are individually crated when fed to introduce crate training with a positive association, and reduce competition for food. Puppies are gnawing on their marrow bones and doing a much better job then a couple days ago at getting to the marrow and can see the improvement in jaw strength when those little teeth take a bite from a toe. Puppies accompanied me on an errand today and enjoyed a new visitor and have many new visitors to expect in the next few days.