We have entered the Sensitive Period!

The nail-biting 24/7 ever-watchful and worrisome neonate period, safely passed; the Transitional Period of new sight and hearing transforming the puppies experience of the world has passed. Now--taa-dahh- The Sensitive Period! A momentous time of wonder, new experiences and all-important foundations for lifetimes. Such a huge responsibility in these next few weeks! So much to do! Pups have so far spent close to 30 hours in the car since birth and should be excellent car-riders. Pups have lived in 2 states, 5 different rooms in the house and today explored the outside for the first time. They have started with incremental bathing and grooming, they have been introduced to The Adventure Box!!!  They are seeing house dogs around now. They are starting to mouth each other and play quite clumsily. Deworming (3 days) is completed and all vet checks and eye specialist appointments made, and Structure Testing with be May 3rd with 2 AKC judges,so far and a vet. Potty training has begun in earnst and puppies are getting the idea. Still missing a lot, but many are making the trak to the box when they have to go. Solid raw food will start next week, not trying to begin weaning, but for supplementing their milk diet. Once they have a decent jaw strength to chew, we will introduce varied proteins. Puppies are calling...More later.