Ongoing Expenses

Keeping a Samoyed is not an inexpensive venture, between providing highest quality kibble or raw food diet, veterinary care, training or showing, acquiring the necessary grooming items, and health testing, the costs add up. You need to be aware of how much this little puppy will cost you over it's lifetime and be prepared to provide for its needs for a lifetime.

  • Yes, I am aware of how much this dog's maintenance will cost and I am very comfortable that I can afford this dog.
  • I agree to feed a high quality kibble recommended by the breeder and/or a complete and balanced raw diet and understand this will be required for the health warranty


Required Health Testing

We recommend all buyers to have their dog, once it is two years of age, tested for hip dysplasia and recommend annual eye exams by board-certified veterinary Opthamologist.

  • Yes, I will ensure that my dog has this testing done between 24 and 30 months of age and I understand I will have to pay for these tests.
  • Yes, I understand that the warranty is contingent upon the completion of this testing by 30 months of age


Spaying and neutering

Barring serious medical need, we strongly advise waiting until your puppy is at least 18 months of age or older before spaying or neutering. Though your veterinarian or well-meaning friends may disagree and encourage early spaying or neutering, there is ample evidence (see Links section) which supports the decision to delay. If the puppy is a female, she will have approximately 3 heat cycles by the time she is 18 months old.

  • Yes, barring any medical issues, I agree to wait until after 18 months for any spay or neuter procedure on my puppy.
  • Yes, I agree to be a responsible dog owner and take precautions to prevent a breeding by my intact dog.



Should you intend to breed your dog, you agree to wait until you puppy has completed and passed all health clearances recommended for Samoyeds (hips, elbows, heart, and eyes), breed ONLY to a pure-bred Samoyed who is at least 2 years old and who also has all health clearances completed, and discuss the planned pairing with us. 

  • Yes, I agree (if breeding) that I will wait until maturity for breeding, pass all required health clearances, and breed only to another Samoyed who has done the same. 


Vaccination and titering

Testing was done to determine when the maternal antibodies wear off so the puppies can respond to a vaccine and produce their own antibodies. It is essential to take bio-precautions to avoid exposure to Parvo during this risky period. That said, it is important to provide saavy socialization and puppy kindergarten during this vital developmental period. Two weeks after their last vaccination, the puppy must have blood drawn and sample shipped to do a titer test to confirm that they have responded to the vaccine and then are protected to go safely in the world. You may not need to do routine revaccination once you have a confirmatory titer but can titer to establish that immunity is maintained. The titer will tell you if a vaccination is truly needed, not a calendar date. Rabies vaccinations are dictated by law and pups must be revaccinated at the appropriate times.

  • Yes, I agree to exercise all caution to avoid exposing my unprotected puppy to Parvo during the risk period but will provide saavy socialization. This means avoiding dog parks, dog shows, and exercising proper hygiene precaution with visitors with dogs or who visit dog parks and dog shows, but attending a puppy kindergarden for saavy socialization.
  • Yes, I agree to submit a blood sample to titer 2 weeks after the last vaccinatipn to confirm active independent immunity.
  • Yes, I agree to use a veterinarian who is willing to use titering to assess immunity to distemper and Parvo rather than routinely vaccinating.



Because we believe a good start is essential for you and your developing puppy, we will be providing each new puppy owner two Avidog publications (Avidog's Puppy e-Book- 100 pages of valuable current evidence-based essential information, and the Avidog Extreme Puppy Development e-book which takes you through the critical period with helpful information and includes an extensive resource tool chest). All new owners will be enrolled in the Avidog Potty Training course and will receive a one year subscription to Avidog-Zink Fit for Life Program.This exercise program is unique-- focusing on age-appropraate, non-concusive exercises which have enormous mental, physical and health benefits for your to your puppy, and they are easy and can easily be done in very short daily sessions. All members of the Fit for Life Program receive a individually tailored program and will be added to a private facebook group with accesss the creators of the program, Dr. Chris Zink, DVM  and Dr. Gayle Watkins. Additionally there are monthly webinars for members, live monthly calls, and an archive of past recorded calls full of information. It is my hope that you will also enjoy the bonding this training will provide creating mental and physically fit dogs and be able to introduce you to these world-class experts in all-things-canine as a future resource. 

  • Yes, I will participate in the Fit-For-Life program with  my dog, and provide appropriate exercise guidance for my developing puppy.





Return to Breeder

Should some unforeseeable life change occur such that you are unable to keep you dog at any point in it's lifetime, we ask that the dog be returned to us. We do not want the dog to be listed for sale, rehomed, put up for adoption or placed privately by you. If you think you will need to place you dog, notify us so we can both do the best thing for your dog.

  • Yes, I agree to contact and return my dog to Rogue River Samoyeds should I be unable to keep my Samoyed.